Visbio Verified

Why VISBIO Verified?

In today’s market, there is a wide range of health and beauty products available. Building trust in these products among consumers is crucial for manufacturers and distributors. Therefore, the ingredients, extracts that make up the products, or even the final products about to enter the market should receive certification from reputable organizations or agencies.

VISBIO Co., Ltd. is a company with a team of experts in various fields, ready to provide certification for the results of testing and analysis from laboratories for raw materials, extracts, herbs, cosmetic products, dietary supplements, medicinal products, and medical devices, along with the preparation of reliable test analysis reports.

Our Colors

Sunrise Orange

The color orange is a combination of yellow and red, symbolizing strength and reflecting confidence in the testing and analysis standards provided by VISBIO Co., Ltd. Communication embodies a sense of innovation and the quest for knowledge.

Deep Sea

The color of the deep sea represents the mysterious depths of the ocean, much like the essential elements found in herbs and various plants that we need to research and develop. Additionally, the color green signifies natural herbs.

Dark Blue Gray

A deep grayish blue color conveys knowledge, trustworthiness, much like the testing and analysis conducted by VISBIO Co., Ltd. with its team of expert researchers, certifying standards and safety, thereby building trust and confidence in test reports.

Our Symbols

Our Symbols

The Letter (V)

The letter ‘V’ comes from the words ‘Vision Biotechnology,’ signifying the development of the biotechnology industry’s potential within the health and beauty product category. This is achieved through advanced technology and scientific expertise, leading to global-level confidence. Another meaning of ‘V’ is ‘Verified,’ indicating the certification of quality assurance, the verification of active ingredients, the assurance of key biomarker quantities, safety testing, and efficacy testing for raw materials, herbs, medicines, and various products in the health and beauty category.

Boiling Flask

Boiling flask contain extracts obtained through the extraction process, separating various active ingredients from plants and herbs. These extracts can be used in a variety of products, including herbal products, cosmetics, dietary supplements, medicines or medical devices. Each type of extract possesses diverse biological properties, such as the ability to anti-oxidation, anti-melanin, anti-inflammatory properties, and more.

Our Symbols
Our Symbols

Chemical Compounds

The structural symbol of chemical compounds represents the structure of important active ingredient found in health and beauty products, extracts or herbs that result from research and testing. These compounds are crucial components, proven to be effective through the research and analysis services provided by VISBIO Co., Ltd. The company offers research and analysis services for various products, providing reliable test analysis reports.

Visbio Verified

Laboratory Glass

Biomarker Verified

The Certification of Biomarkers in products to confirm the presence and quantity of chemical compounds in raw materials and herbs, such as CBD or THC in cannabis or Curcuminoids in turmeric. The quantities of these chemical compound (Biomarker) required in products may vary based on the desired product outcomes. Therefore, the testing and analysis of biomarkers are essential to ensure the presence and quality of these chemical compounds in the products.

Efficacy Verified

The certification of a product’s efficacy is a means to build confidence among consumers and trust in the product. This extends to the raw materials, extracts, herbs used in the products, whether they can deliver the desired results or not. It’s not just about advertising claims; it’s about having trustworthy certification reports that confirm the product’s effectiveness. VISBIO Co., Ltd. offers testing and analysis services to determine if the product is as effective as claimed.

Beauty cosmetic research and development concept, Pharmacist and Scientist applying moisturizer lotion on her hand for efficacy testing of natural organic skincare products in biological laboratory
Beauty eco cosmetic research and development concept, Scientist or Pharmacist applying moisturizer lotion on her hand for efficacy testing of natural organic skincare products in laboratory

Safety Verified

The certification of the safety of raw materials, extracts, herbs, cosmetics or dietary supplements involves testing. This helps to reduce risks and determine appropriate quantities when using key active ingredients or raw materials as primary ingredients in products. It aids in assessing the safety of product usage.

Deep Tech Verified

The Certification of in-depth analytical testing is a process that involves high-level technology to produce precise analysis results. It includes testing the inhibitory of HIV, the inhibitory of COVID-19 or the osteoporosis testing, among other evaluations. VISBIO Co., Ltd. conducts laboratory and machines, which includes enzymatic assay or cell culture assays.

Deep Tech Verified