From the rapidly growing health and beauty industry, there are numerous cosmetic products, dietary supplements, and herbal products being sold in the market. Due to increased competition in the industry, brands or manufacturers aim to create differentiation, develop new innovations, promote quality, and achieve outstanding results. Sometimes, this may lead to over-advertising and making claims based on pseudo-scientific references, which could impact the investment’s value and consumers’ safety.

VISBIO was established by a team of experts in deep technology, quality specialists, technology-oriented business experts, and organizational developers who envision the future direction of the industry together. We are an organization that helps boost and promote competitive advantages in innovation and raw material quality, as well as in health and beauty products. We provide services such as biomarker analysis to confirm the efficacy and safety of products through chemical or biological reaction testing, 2D cell testing, 3D cell testing, and ex-vivo testing. We generate verified reports for brands or entrepreneurs to use in product development or communication with consumers in a compliant manner, as well as for referencing test results for product registration according to relevant laws. Additionally, we contribute to the development of intellectual property assets in innovation.

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Service for Product Safety Testing

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Deep Technology-Level Product Testing and Analysis Services

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